Moroccan jelaba is a unique Moroccan item of clothing.  It is worn in most Moroccan cities and towns by both men and women, and is basically a long, loose fitting hooded robe with full sleeves. 
The jelaba is available in multiple colors and fabrics, and as can be expected, there are more choices for women who can select from a wide range of designs, colors and shapes.  Styles also vary depending on region within Morocco.  Married women in Morocco typically wear more conservative, less colorful jelabas than those worn by single women. 
A white jelaba is the dress code for men during Friday prayers throughout the mosques and for special occasions such as marriage ceremonies and holidays celebrations.  It is usually baggy with one plain color. Every single Jelaba includes a “cob” hood which is usually used for protection against rain, sun, and wind.  Jelabas are made of cotton or coarse wool, which can be tailored to customer’s specification.  As a result, tailors can be found in most neighborhoods in Morocco.
If you are shopping for a traditional Moroccan Jelaba most markets have shops where they can be purchased. Prices start at $25 around 200DH for a very simple style jelaba. 


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